Entertainment lightning since 1933

In the year 1933, a small group of lighting engineers based in Milan, Italy, decided to form a company in order to create products for the performance industry. Through the years, Coemar has always taken the initiative to look beyond what is “available” and pursue the unimaginable. Proudly, Coemar accepts this role in the lighting society as the Artists of Lighting Technology.

Innovation quality service

Through 80 years of experience, Coemar has learned that there are three keys to success in this business. An innovative company will survive the immitations. Quality will always matter. No matter how much innovativation and quality, you will not prosper without superior service!

Italian design

As evident in many facets of society, there is a certain ‘flare for design’ when it comes to Italian Made products. This is something taken very seriously in Italy. One thing you can be assured of, is that every member of the Coemar family has extreme passion for the job they do, and strive for the same goal, which is to dazzle the customer!