10/01/2015 - Wroclaw, Poland
Coemar has illuminated "The Karol Szymanowski" School of Music in Wroclaw, Poland,with the Reflection FullSpectrum.   Client / Distributor : Show Design   ...
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05/2014 - Accademia di Santa Cecilia a Roma
Coemar in symphony: “Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia” chooses the Reflection LEDko P 3200K to light up its major concert hall named Santa Cecilia, built to host symphonic ...
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 Coemar illuminate the Concert Hall in Vietnam, event divided into 2 parts:  - Phase 1: 18 Reflection LEDko Fullspectrum, 15 Reflection LEDko VariWhite 3000/7000, 20 ParLite Splitter.   Client/Distributor: ...
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 Coemar lights the Concert House ,in Sweden,  using the range LiteLed   Installation by: Anderson & Co. - - Coemar's Sweden Partner ...
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Uprising! Written & directed by Paul Kirby Designed by Adriana Kelder Music composed by Ivan Marovic Lighting Design by Robert Steen   A pirate tale of trial triumph swash-buckers countries.   Artistic Company Email:  Website: ...
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After Sydney, London, Toronto and New York, the Australian Musical "Priscilla - Queen of the Desert", a great success nowadays, has finally arrived in Italy. Based movie adventures "Priscilla", ...
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